Why should buy the Canon 70D bundle

Canon 70D Bundle


It emphasizes the ergonomic handle whose face is locked and finished. This makes sure that the camera stays stable on your fingers. In general, the camera looks less and lighter than most of its rivals.

The Canon 70D bundle is compatible with a normal lens. It is EF-S 18-55mm f / 3-5-6 IS II lens that should cover a wide range. The lens can also reach different points and can be extended to get a short field of view.

Screen LCD

One thing that makes the cameras perfect for the amateur is its back theme. Unlock all of your camera settings in a simple language that you can understand without effort. The main drawback is that it’s nothing but touch screens. This can be very difficult, especially for people looking for shelter rather than normal. Other sections of the passage, for example, the Canon 70D has a touch.


For speed, the Canon 70D bundle can capture images in 0.4 seconds. This is a good reputation for the camera. It also has a 9th autotune shape that can focus on lessons. Its main speed is between 0.13 seconds in bright light and 1.4 seconds in reduced conditions. The damaged form of the camera rises to one of the three most severe cases per second.

Photo and video quality

The 70D bundle can still be based on the 18M sensors of the image. This is not as part of your opponents, who have moved to a 24MP image. Please note that Canon has used this camera since 2010. In addition, the camera offers a full video recorder (1920 × 1080). It also enables you to control the video guide at 24.25 and 30 fps transmission speed. However, he does not provide a 4K shot. The camera also makes it difficult to drive auto while recording the video. Generally, photos and recordings of the camera have a stylish view.


The bundle has worked in a Wi-Fi connection. It is also perfect with the Canon Camera Connect software, which allows you to exchange images from the camera to your mobile phone. You can download Android and iOS devices software. Another type of party that holds the camera is via the NFC.


The Canon-70D-bundle is a full-level camera for people who pass through mobile cameras. It has a set of features that can meet many of your images needs. It also accompanies the tag of attractive prices, especially with your opponents. Generally, it is a camera that is considered to be independent.