GoPro Karma Price Update 2018 and Deals

After the karma drone was announced three years back, it entered the world full of competition. Unfortunately, it couldn’t survive in the market for long as DJI released a Mavic drone which took over the market and drone faced the downfall. Not only this but after two weeks of Karma was being released, many other drones fell out in the sky, thus bringing the karma drone to its lowest.

Karma drone price

The Karma Drone price with the foldable Hero and Hero 6 cameras which helped it in making the drone a portable, versatile and it provided one of the finest images. One feature that makes it outstanding than the other drones was the popping out of the camera so that it can be used as a solo one. Its 3-D gimbal was also removable which helped it in making the drone a hand carry device. Containing these features, the GoPro Karma Drone was ranked as number 2 position in the market. However, it was replaced by Mavic and other drones having advanced features.

Although drone faced a downfall in the market, however, it is still in a selling position as GoPro requested them to support it. The drone is now itself costing of $600 and if it is replaced with hero 6 camera, then it costs of $1000.

After the slow sale in the market, the price of Hero 6 was reduced to $400 and hero 5 was reduced to $300, therefore causing the price of the drone to go down. Due to this, the company is getting the desired profit and investors, the company has decided to sell off its remaining karma drone, thus exiting the aerial market.

One of the shocking news that comes a few days back was that GoPro has decided to do a collaboration with one of the larger companies giving them a good potential and offering them a partnership which would benefit both of the parties but it is reported that it has not been seeking the attention of the buyers. However, a statement in the market came that if they had a chance to do a collaboration with GoPro to help them in scaling the company, they would surely do it.

As GoPro is an independent company, it must take care of its employee and investors. From a tiny start-up to such a huge emerging company, they came a long way but after suffering from a generous amount of loss, they now are working on the ideas of expanding their business and emerging it with another company for gaining more investors and profits, thus going back to the previous position as they had in the market.